Early in 1900, Maurits van Hall was relieved of his duties as manager and was appointed chairman of the Advisory Council. He was probably seriously ill, and he died at the end of the year, having run the Amsterdam branch for twenty-eight years. He was succeeded by J. H. Schultess in May 1900.

It would appear that the management of the branch under J.H. Schultess was deemed unsatisfactory. At a meeting of the Board of Directors on 11 December 1907, the President of the Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas once again brought up the idea of reorganising its structure. The minutes of the meeting read: After the President drew attention to the unsatisfactory results posted over a number of years by the Amsterdam branch, the Board has decided that the branch should be kept running but that there is a case for simplifying the way it is organised and operated. We therefore request that the management study the matter and draw up plans along these lines. In November 1908, the decision was taken to appoint the assistant manager J. G. Siegers to replace Schultess as general manager from 1 January 1909.


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