The authors would like to express their sincere gratitude to Dr Piet Geljon (Former chief economist of Bank Mees & Hope), to Dr Ton de Graaf (Corporate historian, ABN AMRO Bank, Art & History Department) and to Prof. Dr Joost P.B. Jonker who have provided extremely valuable information and who were happy to authorise us to use, in summary form, a number of texts that they had written. We owe the wealth of information in this book on the Dutch financial market largely to them.

The authors would also like to thank Steven Prins (GE Artesia Bank, CEO) and Hélène Korthals Altes (GE Artesia Bank, Corporate Secretary & Regulatory Counsel) who made the archives relating to the Amsterdam branch of Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas and Paribas Nederland available to us.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the creation of this book:

Roger Nougaret (BNP Paribas, Head of Heritage & Historical Archives), Pierre de Longuemar (President of the BNP Paribas Historical Association), Silvia Arto (BNP Paribas, Investment Solutions, Head of Communications & Brand), Bruce Hedgcock (BNP Paribas, Corporate & Investment Banking, Head of Brand and Communication), Gaëtan Wehry, Pierre Mounier-Kuhn (CNRS & Centre for research into the History of Innovation, Université Paris- Sorbonne), Jean-Louis Loubet (Professor of Modern History at the University of Evry-Val d Essonne, and head of Laboratoire IDHE Evry, CNRS), Patrick Jeanjean (BNP Paribas), Mirjam de Vos (BNP Paribas The Netherlands Head of Communications), Annemieke Plantinga (BNP Paribas The Nederlands, Communications), Florien Handgraaf (BNP Paribas The Netherlands, Communications), Gwendolyn Maijer (BNP Paribas The Netherlands), Laurence d Arvieu (BNP Paribas, Heritage & Historical Archives), Thibaut Malabre, Jeff Bolders (Arval CEO), Raf Ramaekers (BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, Country Manager), Alexander Ververgaert (BNP Paribas Real Estate Netherlands, Director), Cees de Jong (Cardif Netherlands, Managing Director), Jan Willem Termijtelen, Pieter de Blieck, Özden Basaran Odabasi (TEB N.V., CEO), Can Kural (TEB N.V., Director), Peter Sieradzki (Insinger de Beaufort N.V., CEO), Alexander Paklons (BNP Paribas Personal Finance Netherlands, CEO), Frans de Kievit (BNP Paribas Personal Finance Netherlands, Directeur Products & Markets), Erwin Reyes (BNP Paribas Securities Services Netherlands, Head), Jan Lodewijk Roebroek (BNP Paribas Investment Partners Netherlands, CEO), Simon Vorst, Cherelt Kroeze (Capital Amsterdam Foundation), Rob Costermans, Benoît Monsaingeon, Pierre Vermenouze, Louis Boisgibault, Guy Sancerres, Philippe Romagnoli, Jan Snipe, Denis Schneiter, Seno Bril, Michel de Vibraye, Philippe Gaston, Jean Proust, Yves Lebidois, Sophie Gautié (BNP Paribas Securities Services, Head of Strategy, Development and Public Affairs), Pascal Biville (BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Regional Management Europe / Nordics), Paul-François Gauvin, René Brion (BNP Paribas Fortis), Jean-Louis Moreau (BNP Paribas Fortis), Maryvonne Vejux (BNP Paribas Historical Association), Sophie Pollez (BNP Paribas, Brand, Communications & Quality).


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