Members of the Advisory Council of the Amsterdam branch of Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas (1872-1968)

After the headquarters of the Nederlandsche Credit- en Deposito Bank (NCDB) became a foreign branch of Paribas, an Advisory Council was set up whose first members were selected because of their ties with NCDB.

Around 1900, representatives from general management at the Nederlandsche Handel- Maatschappij (NHM) and Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland joined the Advisory Council. These influential men were also members of the supervisory boards of major industrial, colonial and shipping companies. This helped to ensure that Paribas had an outstanding network of contacts.

List of Advisory Council members

Gideon Maria Boissevain (1837-1925) from 1872 to 1921 Joseph Cahen (1810-1880) from 1872 to 1874 Alexander Isac von Hemert (1833-1896) from 1872 to 1896 Marius Hendrik s Jacob (1817-1907) from 1872 to 1903 Petrus Wilhelmus Scholten (1835-1913) from 1874 to 1913 Balthazar Heldring (1839-1907) from 1902 to 1907 Cornelis Hendricus van Tienhoven (1846-1920) from 1903 to 1920 Cornelis Herman Gu├ępin (1874-1935) from 1918 to 1923 Maurits Cornelis van Hall (1836-1900) from 1899 to 1900

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