Following the merger of BNP and Paribas in 2000, all businesses in the Netherlands were placed under the responsibility of a single Country Head. The 2000-2013 period was marked by the arrival of a number of new Group business lines in the Netherlands, which served to strengthen Group presence in the country. The overall BNP Paribas setup in the Netherlands, which thus comprised a large number of subsidiaries, was coordinated by André Boulanger, who was also head of Corporate & Investment Banking. The challenge for management was to develop synergies between the various business lines, so that clients of one business could also benefit from the expertise of the others. This is basically the One Bank concept, which sees the client as absolutely central to Group strategy.

Corporate and Investment Banking

After the merger of BNP and Paribas in 2000 all businesses from the two sides were also fused together. In the Netherlands the existing Paribas activities, participations, asset management, private banking and corporate finance were located in Amsterdam Zuid Oost / Dreeftoren. Paribas Advisory was re-named Corporate Finance. All the activities of Paribas were relocated to various buildings on the Herengracht in Amsterdam, where BNP Paribas also started up a local securities services business in 2001. BNP s corporate banking, treasury, fixed income activities and all the functional departments were already located at the Herengracht.

Committed to building a strong relationship with its clients over time, many of the clients that were served by Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas in the late 19th century are still a client of BNP Paribas today. Since end 2010 the bank has expanded its CIB activites in the Netherlands and is serving an increasing number of clients here. Determined to stay close to its clients, the Bank currently runs three Business Centres, based in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. By being physically closer to its clients, the bank is better equipped to offer tailor-made financial solutions. In addition to the Dutch wholesale market, BNP Paribas has also extended its product and service range to a large number of

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